Gobis Paint Weather Protector Drummy

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Al-Haider Paints
Exports to Pakistan
Shop# 15-16 Sakina Arcade, Upper gizri road. Opposite Mubarak masjid, Gizri, Clifton, Karachi
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Description DESCRIPTION: A top quality water thin able emulsion, pigmented with light fast, alkali resistant pigments and containing a mould control additive. It provides pleasing uniformity of color and due to low reflectance, it hides surface imperfections. ODOR: Odorless. USES: Suitable for protection and decoration of all the usual exterior masonry surfaces such as brick, concrete, cement rendering, pebble dash and similar surfaces, unpainted or pre painted. It is particularly suitable where alkali resistance and exterior durability are the prime requirements. It can also be used for interior protection and decorations. COMPOSITION: Based on copolymer emulsion binder. MIXING RATIO: Single pack, ready to use after thinning with water. COVERING CAPACITY: 13-14 m2 per litre per coat on non porous surfaces. FILM THICKNESS: 20 to 25 microns per coat. NUMBER OF COATS: Two to three DRYING TIME: Surface Dry 30 Min. Recoatable 2 hours. Hard dry 2 hours. APPLICATION: Brush, roller or conventional spray. THINNER: Water. FLASH POINT: Not applicable. COLOR: Wide range available, see shade card. GLOSS: Matt. PACK SIZE: 1, 4, 16 Litres. PROCESS AND APPLICATION Surface preparation Ensure that the surface is thoroughly dry, clean and sound. Repair all cracks and defective rendering etc before painting. Allow ample time for drying. Remove all moss and mould growths. Remove poorly adhering or powdery coatings. Finishing Stir and mix the paint to smooth consistency. Add upto 60% water to Gobi’s Protector Emulsion and apply two to three coats. Apply by brush or roller. When applying by brush, load the brush fairly generously, apply a full even coat and do not brush out too far. When applying by roller, stir the paint to a smooth consistency before pouring into the roller tray and apply freely over the surface. Clean equipment immediately after use with detergent solution / soap water.

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